The project stems from the need to put into practice the techniques and methodologies to capture three-dimensional models, for cultural heritage, learned during the course of 3D graphics for Cultural Heritage, 2012-2013 academic year by prof. Matteo Dellepiane. To realize this project were necessary: the knowledge of the course, a bit of imagination and really a lot of patience. To learn more about the course and the type of instruction, you can consult this paper.

The examination is inherent in the Master of Science in Digital Humanities at the State University of Pisa.

I would like to thank the Visual Computing Lab and prof. Dellepiane, for having put at my disposal the NextEngine Scanner and I thank my parents for the tip of the object to be scanned.

System and software

  • MAC OS  X Leopard 10.6.8
  • MS Windows Xp Professional, Service Pack 3
  • NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner (website)
  • David Laserscanner 3.8.1 Free Edition 32 bit (website)
  • MeshLab 1.3.2 64 bit (website)
  • SpiderGL 0.1.1 (website)
  • Gimp 2.6 (website)
  • WordPress 3.6 (website)

Meshlab  WordpressApple MAC OS X Windows XP GIMP

David Laserscanner nextengine-logo-largespiderGL

Stefano CostanzoStefano Costanzo
Digital Humanities, University of Pisa
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