The purpose of the acquisition is to create a 3D model from whistle of St. Vitaliano, a small earthenware statue. The initial work is to exploit the cheaper technology of David Scanner, which allows you to create a 3D scanner lab with a modest expense and without being in possession of special equipment. Alongside this first acquisition was accompanied by a more accurate work with a professional scanner, kindly provided by the Visual Computing Lab of CNR in Pisa.

David Laser Scanner 3D

David 3D Laser Scanner
David scanner  needs a regular webcam and a small laser line. Everything is available at costs significantly reduced. In the free version of the software acquisition times are long and the quality is very limited. Many details are lost, but the end result can be interesting in terms of comparison with technologies of quality and costs are much higher than David Scanner. Go to>>

Nextengine Scanner

NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner
The NextEngine, despite having a relatively low cost – at least with regard to the category – acquisition allows multi-laser. Easy to use, allows for a more accurate acquisition. In addition to having the ability to automate the entire process and adjust the laser power depending on the type of surface. Go to>>